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- a brand preferred by professionals worldwide

VENDO AUTOGAS is unique innovative conversion system, which came as a result of international teamwork of professionals. A group of experts from Italy and Europe united their efforts to invent CNG and LPG equipment that outperformed your highest expectations. Easy Gas Green provides full range of necessary components required for vehicle conversion.

The Ultimate formula for Success

We are professionals!

In order to cover customer demands we are working hard for technological innovations. We take care about the quality  and customers feedback. We offer reliable, simple and high technological solutions. We consider and follow all the requirements for certifications and Eco-performance.


Customer Feedback

We believe that our customers are more than just  consumers. We think about  the relationship

between  us and customers. The customers  become more than just a pay for a product.

Our products and services are evaluated every single day as a result of customers satisfaction.

We believe that service to customers needs to be more than just words

The system that brings together technology and ecology

The customers and competitors recognized our product as innovative solution. We are working hard for harmonious synthesis between advanced technology and Eco-improvements. Our New Generation system covers the Euro 5 emission standards. We are working hard to meet all customer’s demands and  keep the world safe.

3 reasons to say "YES!"

Yes, because LPG occurs naturally, or is produced as a by-product of oil refining. On a unit energy basis, it produces less carbon dioxide -major contributor to global warming, which helps to address health and smog issues.


Yes, because LPG as a motor fuel is its potential for cost savings. It can be up to 60 percent cheaper than petrol, liter for liter. Other advantages are reduced exhaust emissions and potentially longer engine life.

LPG also offers a well developed, genuine alternative to petrol.


Yes, because  VENDO AUTOGAS conversion  kit  is  reliable, high technological, ISO certificated, covers the Euro 5 emission standards and it's recommended from Professionals Worldwide.